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Santa Casa, Queenscliff


At Santa Casa Retreat Centre, Queenscliff, Victoria, we seek to offer spiritual formation through retreats and other spiritual courses, as a way of promoting apostolic effectiveness and so promoting renewal in the Church. 

2018 Retreat Program

April: Monday 23rd-30th

Listening to the call to become the Beloved Disciple

Facilitator: Helen Duffy rsm

This contemplative style retreat will invite us to listen and respond to the call to become the beloved disciple in the Gospel of John.  We will follow the journey of this disciple whom Jesus loved and come to recognize his identity and his significance as the hero of the fourth gospel. The retreat will provide reflective spaces for participants to discover their own identity as a Beloved Disciple and see how this identity can be lived in our own lives.

Cost: $600 (GST not included)

May: Thursday 3rd-10th

Pathways to Wisdoms – In the company of Sophia Wisdom

Facilitators: Carole Carmody rsm and Rev Hien Vu

This retreat invites us to discover and draw on our inner wisdom in life’s journey, and to embrace the gift of Sophia Wisdom readily available to us. This is a guided retreat offering a morning reflection and night prayer, with the opportunity for individual spiritual companioning. On this occasion there will be Eucharist each evening.

Cost: $600 (GST not included)

May: Sunday 20th-27th

Centred in Love

Facilitator: Colleen Leonard sgs

This six day guided and silent retreat explores a pilgrimage of seven mystics and the legacy of three in particular: Teresa of Avila, Catherine of Sienna and Therese of Lisieux, Doctors of the Church. The retreat will focus on lessons of love from these three influential Mystics. There will be opportunity for Daily Eucharist and individual Spiritual Direction.

Cost: $600 (GST not included)

June: Friday 15th-22nd

Listening to your Winter Heart – In the company of Teresa of Avila

Facilitators: Carole Carmody rsm & Margaret Donald

This retreat invites you into a place of deep listening to your heart and the wisdom it holds for you. Teresa’s unique understanding of the inner journey will be a light for the journey. This is a guided retreat offering a morning reflection and night prayer, with opportunities for individual spiritual companioning if desired.

Cost: $600 (GST not included)

July: Tuesday 17th-25th

Hidden Treasure

Facilitator: Liza Stewart

Unlocking the wisdom of the inner world is a wonderfully exciting though at times challenging experience. Awareness of our inner response patterns makes change possible, and at the same time opens the way for developing a more authentic relationship with God. In this 8 day retreat we will be focusing on unwrapping the deepest and most revealing of all questions. ‘Who actually am I?’

Maximum Number: 9

Cost: $800 (GST not included)

August: Saturday 4th -11th

Listening to the call to Intimacy

Facilitator: Helen Duffy rsm

In this year of Mark, this retreat will invite us to hear the Marcan call to Discipleship, and on our pilgrimage to the cross, to hear and respond to the Love Song at the very heart of this journey – a Love that can lead us to be evermore open to Presence and Action of God in our daily lives.

Cost: $600 (GST not included)

August: Friday 24th- September 2nd

Apostles, Disciples and Others

Facilitator: Fr Chris Hope

We will reflect on the stories of the call and response of Jesus’ chosen apostles and the others, male and female, who were attracted to him. The readiness to respond to him and the highs and lows of their journey will help us as we continue our own reply to the call to follow him.

Cost: $600 (GST not included)

September: 21st -28th

Coming home to the heart – In the company of Julian of Norwich

Facilitators: Carole Carmody rsm & Rhonda Dingle

This is a fully directed retreat, ie you will have the opportunity to meet with your director each day at an allotted time. Every morning some reflective material will be available for you including something of Julian’s wisdom. There will be a gathering in the evening for contemplative prayer.

Cost: $600 (GST not included)

October: Wednesday 10th – 18th

Directed Retreat:

Facilitators: Bernadette Miles & Marlene Marburg

The eight-day retreat is a privileged time when we can tune out the noise and distractions of our regular routines in order to more intentionally focus on our relationship with God. You will meet with your director daily for spiritual conversation.


Cost: $800 (GST not included)

November: Fri 2nd – 9th

Treasuring our later years

Facilitators: Nicole Rotaru rsm

Treasuring our later years invites us to be awake to the new chances and possibilities offered daily. During our days together we will ponder themes that take on special significance in our later years: awakening to new possibilities in my life now; spirituality; what has given and gives my life meaning; relationships; gratitude; death – mystery. Our conversations will be a time of recognizing the richness of our journey to ‘now’, the wisdom we have gained, our capacity to adapt to the changes occurring in us and a deepening of our awareness of God’s presence

Cost: $600 (GST not included)

December: Sat 1st – 8th

Advent’s invitation: In the company of our Angel Guide

Facilitators: Carole Carmody rsm and Margaret Moore rsm

This retreat is an invitation to rest, reflect and renew your spirit in the beautiful season of Advent. Some of the Angel guides of Scripture will offer wisdom and inspiration for the journey of this retreat. There will be a morning reflection and an evening prayer as the sun sets. There will also be opportunities for spiritual companioning.


Cost: $600 (GST not included)


December: Tues 11th – 18th


Facilitators: Peter Varengo


Cost: $600 (GST not included)



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