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Safeguarding of Children and Adults at Risk

Child Safeguarding Commitment Statement

McAuley Ministries Limited (MML) recognises the inherent dignity of all people and the gospel imperative to protect and nurture those who are vulnerable. Consequently, McAuley Ministries Limited is committed to creating and maintaining environments, both real and online, that are safe, supportive, caring and nurturing for all children and vulnerable people. By adopting a zero tolerance of abuse approach, MML is committed to safeguarding children and vulnerable people from all abuse and neglect. In keeping with the Institute of Sisters of Mercy of Australia and Papua New Guinea Constitutions and relevant church protocols, MML strives to maintain the safety of all children and vulnerable people with whom it has contact.

More specifically, we are committed to safeguarding children and vulnerable people in MML’s ministries, online and in those places where we work, volunteer or journey with people in our mission by:

  • Embedding a culture of safety and respect in MML’s leadership, governance and practice.
  • Prioritising the safety and best interests of the children and vulnerable adults with whom we work.
  • Understanding the nature and risks of abuse and taking deliberate and immediate steps to prevent it.
  • Encouraging the participation of children, vulnerable adults, families and communities in providing feedback on and input into decision making about safety.
  • Responding to complaints of abuse sensitively, respectfully, actively and in a timely manner, in accordance with our lawful obligations and our own policies and procedures. This includes contacting police immediately where there may be an immediate risk of harm to any person, especially to any child or vulnerable adult.
  • Undertaking regular auditing of our safeguarding policies and practices to ensure an ongoing culture of safety and respect for all.

If you or anyone you know has been harmed or adversely affected by a sister, employee or volunteer of MML, please contact the MML EO:

We will listen to your experience, respect your confidentially within legal requirements and explain the available options to you.

If you are aware of abuse by one of our personnel against a child or an adult at risk, you are strongly encouraged to report your concern to police.

Please use the following links to access our key safeguarding policies and procedures: