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Safeguarding Children and Adults at Risk


The Institute recognizes the inherit dignity of all people and the gospel imperative to protect and nurture those who are vulnerable. As a consequence, the Institute is committed to creating and maintaining an environment that is safe, supportive, caring and nurturing for all children and adults at risk. We commit ourselves to safeguarding children and adults at risk from all abuse and neglect.   In keeping with our Constitutions, and relevant Church protocols such as Integrity in Ministry, Towards Healing, Integrity in the Service of the Church and Protocol for Right Relationships in Ministry, we strive to maintain the safety of all children and adults at risk with whom we come into contact.  Consequently, we commit to ensuring zero tolerance of abuse by:

  • Embedding a culture of safety and respect in ISMAPNG’s leadership, governance and practice.
  • Prioritising the safety and best interests of the children and adults at risk with whom we work.
  • Understanding the nature and risks of abuse and taking deliberate and immediate steps to prevent it.
  • Encouraging the participation of children, adults at risk, families and communities in providing feedback on and input into decision making about safety.
  • Responding to complaints of abuse sensitively, respectfully, actively and in a timely manner, in accordance with our lawful obligations and our own policies and procedures. This includes contacting police immediately where there may be an immediate risk of harm to any person, especially to any child or adult at risk.
  • Undertaking regular auditing of our safeguarding policies and practices to ensure an ongoing culture of safety and respect for all.


If you or someone you know has been harmed or adversely affected by a Sister, employee or volunteer of ISMAPNG, please call 1800 019 625 or use the link below to contact the Safeguarding Officer who will listen to your experience, respect your confidentiality and explain the available options to you.


The Australian Government set up the National Redress Scheme to provide redress to people who experienced institutional child sexual abuse. The offer of redress can include: access to counselling, a redress payment and a direct personal response. ISMAPNG joined the scheme in February 2019. You can apply any time up to 30 June 2027.

For more information on the National Redress Scheme, please visit the Redress Scheme website https://www.nationalredress.gov.au/ , call 1800 737 377 or click on the image below.


1. To put in an online application
• Online applications can be accessed and submitted online at myGov https://my.gov.au
• If you do not have a myGov account already, you can go online and create one.

2. To put in a paper application
• Ring 1800 737 377 and ask for the application form to be posted to you
• Download and print the application form from the website.

3. To get access to NDR support services
• Access a list of support services from the NRS website



We acknowledge that regrettably there have been times, during the history of the congregations which formed ISMAPNG in December 2011, when some people were not treated with care and respect.

Today we have strict procedures and policies to ensure the safeguarding of children and vulnerable people. These apply to its members and to all who are employed in its works.

The ISMAPNG Code of Conduct can be read/downloaded here:

If you are aware of abuse by one of our personnel, against a child or a vulnerable person, you are strongly encouraged to report your concern.

ISMAPNG abides by the Guidelines for Church Authorities in responding to civil claims for child sexual abuse developed by the Trust Justice and Healing Council.


Important contacts

Child Abuse – Australia and Papua New Guinea
Child abuse is a criminal offence and the police are the appropriate authority to handle criminal investigations. If you have a complaint you should contact your local police station or Crimestoppers on 1800 333 000 (Australia) or the Department of Police (PNG) +675 322 6100.

Complaints Australia
• If your complaint is about sexual abuse, you may choose to apply to the National Redress Scheme or to pursue a civil claim through your lawyer. Civil claims should be addressed to Eveline Crotty RSM, Institute Leader ISMAPNG and emailed to the ISMAPNG Safeguarding Officer safeguardingofficer@ismapng.org.au

• If your claim is about non-sexual abuse, you may choose to pursue a civil claim as above or to notify the ISMAPNG Safeguarding Officer safeguardingofficer@ismapng.org.au and pursue the matter directly with the Institute.

Click here for our Complaints Management Policy

Complaints – Papua New Guinea
If you reside in Papua New Guinea please contact the ISMAPNG Safeguarding Office in Australia +61 (0) 3 9490 6667.




Further information

ISMAPNG Safeguarding Office – 1800 019 625 (Australia) or +61 (0)2 9572 5400 (PNG).

If you are a former resident of a facility previously run by a Congregation that is now part of the Institute and you wish to enquire about your records please email –safeguardingofficer@ismapng.org.au

Terms of reference for our Safeguarding Advisory Committee – Click here