Who we are

ISMAPNG – Profile, Leadership

The Institute of Sisters of Mercy of Australia and Papua New Guinea (ISMAPNG) is a community of Catholic Religious Sisters in Australia, Papua New Guinea and further abroad. Whatever and whenever our ministry is, we are part of the one Mercy mission, part of the ongoing mission of the compassionate Jesus. In furthering our charism, we partner with women and men as employees, associates and volunteers. Together we have a proud and continuing history of serving people suffering from injustices related to poverty, sickness or lack of education.

Our mission of Mercy today extends to responding to a range of local and global needs where we are guided in our mission by our 2017 Chapter statement which recognizes that ‘at this time of global vulnerability God’s transforming mercy fires our hearts anew with deeper reverence for all creation’. Click here to view the 2017 Chapter Statement.

Leadership of the Institute

The Institute is governed by the Institute Leadership Team (ILT). The day to day work of leadership is shared with the Institute Sisters Leadership Forum (ILF) which includes eight Community Leaders. The Office of the Institute is based at Stanmore in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.


Institute Leadership Team

The highest governing authority of the Institute is the Chapter, held every six years. It has legislative, executive and policy making power. In the period between Chapters, authority is vested in the Institute Leader. Four Institute Councillors assist the Institute Leader in exercising the role of leadership and together they make up the Institute Leadership Team. The current team was elected at the 2017 Chapter.

Members of the Institute Leadership team include Eveline Crotty RSM, Institute Leader; Caroline Ryan, RSM; Gaye Lennon, Institute Councillor; Elizabeth Moloney RSM, Institute Councillor and Maureen Sexton RSM, Institute Councillor.

L to R: Maureen Sexton RSM, Eveline Crotty RSM (front), Elizabeth Moloney RSM (back), Gaye Lennon RSM, Caroline Ryan RSM.

Community Leaders

Each of the Institute’s eight communities has a Community Leader. The main role of the Community Leader is to create bonds of unity among the members’ and to help them grow in fidelity to the community’s life and mission and also to contribute to the larger life and mission of the Institute. Community Leaders are appointed by the Institute Leadership Team for a period of three years.