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Become a Sister of Mercy

As Sisters of Mercy we respond to the call to know God’s loving kindness and commit our lives to sharing this with others through a life of service. We have been drawn into a community of religious women dedicated to the Mercy mission.

Being a Sister of Mercy is about answering God’s call in each moment of life. In responding to local and global needs, we are engaged in a variety of ministries that include education, health care, social welfare, spirituality, theology and scripture, communication and media, ecumenism, governance and administration. While all of us are advocates for justice; some work with Aboriginal people, others provide outreach to asylum seekers and refugees, while others focus on environmental and ecological issues.  Sisters also offer hospitality and prayer in many rich and diverse ways.

Why become a Sister of Mercy?

While a life of Mercy can be undertaken on your own, as a Sister of Mercy you will join a rich, fulfilling and supportive community collectively committed to giving witness to the Gospel through in how we live and in what we do to.

Jesus said that where two or three are gathered in my name I will be there among them.  Through community, the merciful presence of God is able to be united and expressed more fully.  With other members of the Institute, sisters learn and give expression to what it means to follow Jesus by walking along the lifelong path of Mercy.

How do I explore becoming a Sister of Mercy?

Every life journey is a unique and individual one. If you are interested in becoming a Sister of Mercy, we are here to be with you as you explore the possibilities, to listen and to answer any questions you have.

Asking questions does not mean you are making a commitment. We are ready to help you discover the next steps in your journey, wherever it may take you. Your privacy and anonymity will always be respected.

We are committed to facilitating and enhancing the faith journey of each woman who is discerning a call from God to become a Sister of Mercy.

If you are interested in finding out more about being a Sisters of Mercy, please contact:

Kathy Ryan RSM Initial Formation Director :