Laudato Si'

Laudato Si’ Goal 4: Adoption of Simple Lifestyles

The intent of this goal is to promote a culture of sufficiency, particularly encouraging changes in individual consumption. This was identified in an early campaign launched though the Institute that promoted “Simple Daily Gestures” as a prompt for individual contributions. Similarly, other individual actions were addressed through the themes of Infrastructure and Transport with several initiatives implemented to support these areas.

What have we achieved?

  • Launched updated and more comprehensive Simple Daily Gestures booklet in February 2022 with 114 hints and behaviours
  • Launched first version of Simple Daily Gestures in 2017 with an accompanying photo montage video of Sisters and staff promoting and participating in these behaviours
  • Over a 25% reduction in the number of ISMAPNG vehicles
  • Achieved a 16% reduction in average Fuel use per vehicle (some of this due to Covid-19)
  • Achieved over 11% reduction in Vehicle related costs
  • We currently have 25 Hybrid vehicles in the fleet
  • Covid-19 greatly impacted flights, but we have set a target to achieve a 10% reduction from pre Covid-19 levels.


What are we doing?

  • Continuing LED lighting replacements through Victoria and New South Wales properties
  • Investigated option to trial an electric vehicle
  • Explore gas consumption reduction strategies through education programs, e.g. induction cook top options – reduce gas usage for 10% of sisters who opt in
  • Encouraging ‘Retrosuburbia’ retrofitting options to be taken up in our homes and offices, aiming for at least 10% take up per year.