Laudato Si'

Laudato Si’ Goal 3: Ecological Economics


Ecological Economics acknowledges that the economy is a sub-system of human society, which itself is embedded within the biosphere–our common home.

Re-thinking the current economy through an ecological lens means we will start to make economic choices within the limits of the planet’s ecological ceilings. This means promoting a culture of sufficiency, circular economy, gift economy, bioregional production/consumption, sustainable production, Fair Trade, ethical consumption, ethical investments, divestment from fossil fuels and any economic activity harmful to the planet and the people.

This Laudato Si goal has also been well covered through the objectives and themes of Procurement, Investment and Waste within the original Sustainable Living policy and the targets of the Environmental Management Plan.

What have we achieved?

What are we doing?

  • Exploring partnership opportunities with suppliers to identify what sustainable products are available
  • Identify the potential for waste avoidance opportunities with relevant ISMAPNG suppliers
  • Expand Ethical Procurement section of the Sustainable Living procurement Guide
  • Continue to develop Impact and social Investing
  • Celebrate the Season of Creation by promoting ways we are living the gift/exchange/circular economy in our daily lives
  • Encourage reflection on Laudato Si’ themes in each community, including them in the celebration of liturgical moments, and making study and prayer guides available
  • Participating in the gift economy by teaching gift/exchange/circular economy values and making this available in the ‘Advocacy corner’ – sharing good news stories in newsletter.