What we do

Catherine McAuley Services Limited

Catherine McAuley Services forwards the mission of Institute of the Sisters of Mercy of Australia and Papua New Guinea in the geographical context of Papua New Guinea enabling the flourishing of program ministries now and into the future.

Catherine McAuley Services exist so that:

  • Collaborative partnerships facilitate identified ministry activities in Papua New Guinea which respond to care of the earth and care of its people.
  • The strength and capabilities of women in Papua New Guinea are recognised and valued. Women are empowered to take their place and be leaders in Church and Society.
  • Institute of the Sisters of Mercy of Australia and Papua New Guinea experiences, learns from and welcomes the gift of diversity particularly in relation to the Melanesian culture.

Acknowledging and respecting the Melanesian culture of Papua New Guinea in which we work, our values are: Integrity, hospitality, respect for all and collaboration.

Program of Theology

Cookhouses n Tanks a Lot

Strategic Directions / Goals

By December 2023 we will see:

  • CMSL Board with clear structure, resourced well and reflective of the Melanesian culture.
  • Through CMSL programs, a greater percentage of women taking leadership roles in the programs, church and wider society
  • CMSL known and appreciated more within PNG & ISMAPNG
  • Growth, sustainability, local ownership and flexibility in the programs.




a driving principle that calls us to be honest and accountable to each other and our partners in ministry.



a gateway for engagement and dialogue with others.


Respect for all

take care, exercise calm and humility at all times in interactions with people.



working together and respecting each other, empowerment and ownership.