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Orientation to Mercy Modules


The Orientation to Mercy 7 Module self-paced program is designed for staff new to ISMAPNG or Mercy Ministry Companions and for use by other ministries with a ‘Mercy Heritage’.

The Orientation to Mercy Workbook contains an Introduction, content and activities for each of the 7 Modules and a list of References and acknowledgements. Each of the other 7 documents contains the Introduction, the content and activities for one Module and the list of References and Acknowledgements. Each separate Module is extracted from the Workbook. There are 8 documents which can be accessed by clicking on the links below.

Orientation to Mercy Workbook  –
Orientation to Mercy Resource Booklet for self-paced Modules

Module 1: The  Story of Catherine McAuley –
Orientation to Mercy Module 1

Module 2: Early Expansion (of the Sisters of Mercy) –
Orientation to Mercy Module 2

Module 3: The Corporal and Spiritual Works of Mercy –
Orientation to Mercy Module 3

Module 4: The 8th Work of Mercy –
Orientation to Mercy Module 4

Module 5: Institute of Sisters of Mercy of Australia and Papua New Guinea –
Orientation to Mercy Module 5

Module 6: ISMAPNG Ministries –
Orientation to Mercy Module 6

Module 7: The wider Mercy Family and Mercy Values –
 Orientation to Mercy Module 7

If you have any queries about the Module content or activities,
please contact Annette Schneider RSM on annette.schneider@mercyministrycompanions.org.au.

For technical issues please contact John Rochester at communications@ismapng.org.au