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Orientation to Mercy Modules


The Orientation to Mercy 7 Module self-paced program is designed for staff new to ISMAPNG or Mercy Ministry Companions and for use by other ministries with a ‘Mercy Heritage’.

The Orientation to Mercy Workbook contains an Introduction, content and activities for each of the 7 Modules and a list of References and acknowledgements. Each of the other 7 documents contains the Introduction, the content and activities for one Module and the list of References and Acknowledgements. Each separate Module is extracted from the Workbook. There are nine documents which can be accessed by clicking on the links below.

Orientation to Mercy Workbook  –
Orientation to Mercy Resource Booklet for self-paced Modules

Module 1: The  Story of Catherine McAuley –
Orientation to Mercy Module 1

Module 2: Early Expansion (of the Sisters of Mercy) –
Orientation to Mercy Module 2

Module 3: The Corporal and Spiritual Works of Mercy –
Orientation to Mercy Module 3

Module 4: The 8th Work of Mercy –
Orientation to Mercy Module 4

Module 5: Institute of Sisters of Mercy of Australia and Papua New Guinea –
Orientation to Mercy Module 5

Module 6: ISMAPNG Ministries –
Orientation to Mercy Module 6

Module 7: The wider Mercy Family and Mercy Values –
 Orientation to Mercy Module 7

Participants’ Completion Sheet –
Participants’ Completion Sheet

If you have any queries about the Module content or activities,
please contact Annette Schneider RSM on annette.schneider@mercyministrycompanions.org.au.

For technical issues please contact John Rochester at communication@ismapng.org.au