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Protection of Children and Vulnerable Adults

If you or someone you know has been harmed or adversely affected by a Sister, employee or volunteer of ISMAPNG, please call 1800 019 625 or use the link below to contact the Professional Standards Officer who will listen to your experience, respect your confidentiality and explain the available options to you.

Contact the Professional Standards Officer

The procedures and policies apply to all Sisters, employees and volunteers in McAuley Ministries Ltd.

The ISMAPNG Professional Standards Policy can be read/downloaded here:

The MML Child and Vulnerable Persons Policy can be read/downloaded here:

The MML Code of Conduct can be read/downloaded here:

If you are aware of abuse by one of our personnel, against a child or a vulnerable person, you are strongly encouraged to report your concern.

Important contacts

Child Abuse – Australia and Papua New Guinea
Child abuse is a criminal offence and the police are the appropriate authority to handle criminal investigations. If you have a complaint you should contact your local police station or Crimestoppers on 1800 333 000 (Australia) or the Department of Police (PNG) +675 322 6100.

Complaints – Australia
We strictly follow the principles and procedures set out in Towards Healing, the Catholic Church’s Australian protocol for addressing complaints of abuse (sexual, physical or emotional) relating to priests, sisters, staff and other paid and voluntary personnel.

Towards Healing is a response which enables the concerns of victims and survivors to be addressed primarily in a pastoral way as opposed to an adversarial and legal approach.

Those who may make contact with Towards Healing in relation to a matter which may be of a criminal nature are strongly advised to take their case to the police.

The Archdiocese of Melbourne has established its own process for responding to such complaints, known as ‘The Melbourne Response’.

For information about Towards Healing in your state or territory or for a confidential discussion about the process, please contact the ISMAPNG Professional Standards Office on 1800 019 625 (Australia).