Mercy Global Presence

Our Mercy world is participating in the Mercy Global Presence program, a program designed to offer reflective resources to Mercy communities and networks across the world. 

Mercy Global Presence is an organic entity and a countercultural sign in a globalised world which has made more extreme the displacement of persons and degradation of Earth. Mercy Global Presence links congregations/institutes, individual Sisters of Mercy and Associates, partners in Mercy, and Mercy International Association in creative and energising ways.


You are invited to participate, through reflection and discussion, in the use of the resources prepared around themes for each month.

Every four months the emphasis of these themes will change, but they will all maintain a related focus on the concerns of Mercy sisters and their colleagues across the world, that is, on the displacement of Persons and the degradation of Earth.

This program is an invitation to exploration and reflection and draws on the call in the new MIA Vision statement,

The program began on September 29 2019 and will run over the next two years in four Segments of four months duration. This is enabling all Mercy people around the world to participate, while respecting the summer break times of both the Northern and Southern hemispheres.

Segment Two: Mercy – Faith Traditions and Mercy

There are reflective resources that have been developed, according to the themes established for each Segment of the Program and for each of the four months in those four Segments.

This month they will be available on the 25 March 2020 on the Mercy Global Presence microsite and in Mercy eNews.

A set of Posters below on the themes of Mercy Global Presence have been developed and are available for screen display or downloading for print, display, reflection and discussion.
They are available here in A3 and A4 format. Alternatively you can click on each poster below to view and download the A4 version.


Earth and Integral Ecology

People and Deep Social Change

Incarnate God in Cosmos and in Person of Jesus


Click here for a Timeline of Segments and Themes with associated Resources

Online (Zoom) Mercy Global Presence Meetings

If you would like to participate in an online (Zoom) MGP meeting for reflection and discussion about the monthly themes, please refer to the MGP Zoom Calendar here.

‘…Deeply rooted in the gospel and the legacy of Catherine McAuley, MIA seeks to gather the inspiration and energies of the Sisters of Mercy, our Associates, colleagues and partners worldwide toward the creation of a Mercy global presence’

In other words, we are all being invited to explore new images, new language and new theology amid the intercultural realities within and among our Mercy Congregations and Institutes.

In particular, across ISMAPNG, we hope this Mercy Global Presence Program is assisting us to deepen our understanding of and our response to the ‘degradation of Earth’ and to ‘the despair and suffering of many peoples’ (from our ISMAPNG Chapter Statement).  In so doing we will find new expressions of the presence of Mercy, particularly in our regional context.

Mission Integration is supporting the program, so if you have any questions please either contact the Mission Integration Unit on (telephone (02) 9564 2089) or the ISMAPNG Coordinator of Mercy Global Presence, Adele Howard rsm