Mercy Global Presence


MGP Gatherings: Creating A Living Cosmic Advent Wreath during December 2020.


As we continue to explore “presence” as a key element in Mercy Global Presence, we are invited to commence the Advent season by engaging with the Mercy family globally in creating a Living Cosmic Advent Wreath.


We are invited to engage with this Advent process through Mercy Global Presence in two stages:

Stage One will be our personal reflection time.

Stage Two will be a shared global reflection experienced in a Regional Zoom Gathering, incorporating the Mercy Congregations and Institutes in the Asia Pacific Region: Brisbane, Parramatta, North Sydney, the Philippines and New Zealand, together with ourselves in ISMAPNG.


STAGE ONE – The Living Cosmic Advent Wreath resources are now available on the web site. There is a Journal page provided for our personal reflection with Scripture quotes plus questions for reflection.  You can download the Journal page here.


The Living Cosmic Advent Wreath has five ‘Moments’ of reflection.  You may choose to focus on ‘Moment One’ in preparation for sharing in the Regional Gathering.  You may wish to continue to use the journal throughout Advent, building on the richness of the Regional Meetings and reflecting more deeply on each ‘Moment’ as it unfolds during December.


STAGE TWO – Regional Zoom Gatherings

The richness and diversity of the personal reflections from Stage One will be shared in a Regional Gathering (by Zoom) on December 1st 2020.


There will be two other regional gatherings across the Mercy global network to create a truly global Living Cosmic Advent Wreath.


All members of the Mercy family – Sisters, Associates, and partners in Mercy – are invited to participate in these gatherings in the time zone that works best for them.



These are the Times for the gathering for our region, Region One on Tuesday, 1st December:

  • Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST) at 9.30am (Qld.)
  • Australian Eastern Daylight Time (AEDT) at 10:30am (Vic. Tas. NSW, ACT)
  • Australian Central Standard time (ACST) at 10:00am (Sth. Aust.)
  • Australian Western Standard Time (AWST) at 7:30am
  • Papua New Guinea Time (PGT) at 9:30am
  • New Zealand Time (NZDT) at 12.30pm
  • The Philippines Time at 7.30am


The Gatherings will last for 1.25 hours.


Register your attendance at the Region One Gathering here


You are also welcome to attend the Region Two or Three Gatherings. The times for these can be found on the website here



Mercy Global Presence


Our Mercy world is participating in the Mercy Global Presence program, a program designed to offer reflective resources to Mercy communities and networks across the world. 


Mercy Global Presence is an organic entity and a countercultural sign in a globalised world which has made more extreme the displacement of persons and degradation of Earth. Mercy Global Presence links congregations/institutes, individual Sisters of Mercy and Associates, partners in Mercy, and Mercy International Association in creative and energising ways.



You are invited to participate, through reflection and discussion, in the use of the resources prepared around themes for each month.


Every four months the emphasis of these themes will change, but they will all maintain a related focus on the concerns of Mercy sisters and their colleagues across the world, that is, on the displacement of Persons and the degradation of Earth.


This program is an invitation to exploration and reflection and draws on the call in the new MIA Vision statement.


The program began on September 29 2019 and will run over the next two years in four Segments of four months duration. This will enable all Mercy people around the world to participate, while respecting the summer break times of both the Northern and Southern hemispheres.


The MGP resources on which the Posters have been developed can still be accessed.


They are available on the Mercy Global Presence microsite on the MIA website at and in Mercy eNews.


They are available here in A3 and A4 format for download and displayed here in an interactive format.


Click here for a timeline of Segments and Themes with associated resources.


Here are the dates and times of the next Segment of Mercy Global Presence meetings.  These Themed meetings will take place after each new set of resources are uploaded at the end of September, October, November and mid-December.


The resources will be released via Mercy eNews and on following a particular theme on Presence.


Segment Three:  Presence

These Zoom based meetings will take place from October 2020 until late December 2020.


Theme 2: ‘Presence to Earth’
Wednesday, November 4th, 2.00pm – 3.15pm
Click here to receive a Zoom meeting link


Theme 3:  ‘Presence in Ministry and Community’
Tuesday, December 1st, 10.30am AEDT
Click here to receive a Zoom meeting link


Theme 4:  ‘Presence to Self & Others’
Thursday, 17th December, 10.30am AEDT
Click here to receive a Zoom meeting link


‘…Deeply rooted in the gospel and the legacy of Catherine McAuley, MIA seeks to gather the inspiration and energies of the Sisters of Mercy, our Associates, colleagues and partners worldwide toward the creation of a Mercy global presence’


In other words, we are all being invited to explore new images, new language and new theology amid the intercultural realities within and among our Mercy Congregations and Institutes.


In particular, across ISMAPNG, we hope this Mercy Global Presence Program is assisting us to deepen our understanding of and our response to the ‘degradation of Earth’ and to ‘the despair and suffering of many peoples’ (from our ISMAPNG Chapter Statement).  In so doing we will find new expressions of the presence of Mercy, particularly in our regional context.


If you have any questions please contact Adele Howard rsm, the ISMAPNG Coordinator of Mercy Global Presence, at