ISMAPNG Online Governance Forum 2021

ISMAPNG Online Governance Forum 2021


7 – 8 July 2021

Session 1

Lay leadership in the Church

Panel of Susan Pascoe AM, Dr Ursula Stephens and Francis Sullivan AO

Resources to download:

Session 1 Resource Guide

Session 1 Susan Pascoe PowerPoint Presentation


Session 2

Reflecting on the morning’s discussion and what that means for the Institute, Mercy Ministry Companions and our own ongoing formation

Sr Caroline Ryan RSM, Margaret Bounader and Sr Annette Schneider RSM

Resources to download:

Session 2 Resource Guide

Session 2 Reflection Sheet

It’s Time – Caroline Ryan RSM

Session 3

Moving forward to the establishment of Mercy Ministry Companions.

David Penny and Jonathan Campton

Resources to download:

Session 3 Resource Guide

Jonathan Campton PowerPoint Presentation

David Penny PowerPoint Presentation


Session 4

Engagement with the Trustee Directors of Mercy Ministry Companions

Professor Gabrielle McMullen AM, Carmel Ross and Des Powell AM

Resources to download:

Session 4 Resource Guide

Statement of Mission Purpose

Gabrielle McMullen PowerPoint Presentation

Carmel Ross PowerPoint Presentation

Des Powell PowerPoint Presentation



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