Laudato Si'

Laudato Si’


On October 15 2021, Institute Leader, Eveline Crotty RSM launched the Integral Ecology Policy, along with the Institute making a commitment to the Laudato Si’ Action Platform – a seven-year program of seven goals being taken up by Catholic organisations around the world. The Institute has registered with the Action Platform and has completed the online self-assessment that will be used as a baseline to measure against as the Institute progresses along the seven year timeframe.

The Integral Ecology policy is part of the Institute’s commitment to respond to local and global issues of injustice. Our call is to contribute to a “flourishing humanity on a thriving planet rich in species in an evolving universe, all together filled with the glory of God” (Elizabeth Johnson, Ask the Beasts, 286).

The policy statement, guiding principles and overarching objectives apply across the whole of the Institute. It aims to guide all those involved to develop measurable targets (outputs and outcomes) supported by actions (policies, programs, and procedures) which align with the Institute’s commitment to an integrated approach to sustainable living and social responsibility

To further support the implementation of the Laudato Si’ framework a comprehensive Laudato Si’ Integral Ecology Strategic plan for 3 years has been developed with multiple targets against each of the seven goals of Laudato Si’.

To see how the Institute is implementing and has implemented progress towards these seven goals, click on the relevant goal icon as the Sisters have been very proactive in this space having launched their original Sustainable Living Policy in 2016.