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We’re for Fair Policies for Refugees and Asylum Seekers

For more than 40 years we have worked with asylum seekers, refugees, and trafficked persons. We have accompanied these people in refugee camps, detention centres and in the community as part of our mission of sharing God’s transforming mercy.

We have witnessed at first hand the harmful impact of government policies on the lives of people who have sought refuge and asylum in Australia. We are calling for policy reform in the following areas to restore Australia’s international standing as a nation of the ‘fair go’ and to bring significant benefits to the Australian economy.


These five main issues must be urgently addressed:

An immediate expansion of our annual refugee humanitarian visa intake – so that we can generously respond to crises – in the Ukraine, Afghanistan and other countries. Currently our intake numbers are the lowest in 45 years.


An end to onshore and offshore arbitrary detention for refugees – It is beyond shameful that people who have sought safety in Australia have been detained, many for up to ten years, and yet there is still no plan for a permanent home for many. The Department of Home Affairs’ figures show that more than $573,000 per person per year is being spent on keeping individuals in offshore detention.


Replacing Temporary Protection Visas with a pathway to permanency – The current system of Temporary Protection Visas and Safe Haven Enterprise Visas do not provide a clear pathway to permanency. The lack of a pathway to a permanent visa prolongs uncertainty, psychological distress and financial insecurity.


A fair and just process for people seeking asylum living in our community – this means income support, continual access to Medicare and a reasonable timeframe for claims for protection to be processed. Many of the people we support have been waiting for more than five years without an outcome, with many living in destitution suffering poor physical and mental health.


Improving access to tertiary education for refugees and asylum seekers – a thriving economy needs a skilled workforce. Tertiary education is a way to enable people seeking asylum to contribute significantly to the Australian economy. The Australian Government currently requires those on temporary visas to pay international student fees to study at a tertiary level. These fees are prohibitively expensive.


(Sources: Sisters of Mercy, Justice for Refugees South Australia & Asylum Seekers Centre, Sydney)


Take action:

Raise the issues with your local representatives and candidates. To assist with this, we have prepared a one page handout highlighting five main points.
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Want to lobby your local candidates but not sure who they are? You may like to visit the following websites:

Australian Labor Party – Click here

Liberal Party of Australia – Click here

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Climate 200 Independents – Click here

Australian Greens – Click here

One Nation – Click here

United Australia Party – Click here

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Useful Links

Refugee Council of Australia – Click here

Justice for Refugees South Australia – Click here

Asylum Seekers  Centre Sydney – Click here