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The difference your generosity has made


In April this year, Mercy Works asked for your help and the response we received far exceeded our expectations.


I had received an urgent letter from Sr Maryanne Kolkia RSM, our In-Country Coordinator for Papua New Guinea, updating me on the escalating COVID situation in PNG and requesting emergency assistance.


Maryanne wrote that ‘the outbreak of COVID-19 has highlighted the weaknesses in the country’s human rights protection’ which has led to an extremely fragile health care system unequipped to deal with this situation.

She had already organised teams of people to make face masks and increased her public health messages during her far-reaching radio sessions.

As cases began rising rapidly, the Government called for a country-wide lockdown. This meant that usual movement between towns ceased. The restriction in movement resulted in some food and water shortages.

As hunger became a bigger issue, the level of violence also increased.

The response to our appeal for help went beyond what we all expected, so a very big thank you.


Sally Bradley RSM
Executive Director, Mercy Works

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