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Seville’s New Coffee Nook



Changes are taking place at Seville Mercy Conference Centre, in Cairns Queensland to ensure all clients and visitors remain COVID-safe.


The hospitality industry across Australia has seen enormous changes over the last 12 months due to COVID-19.  Seville has stepped up to meet each of those challenges and has implemented COVID-safe procedures and practices.


One such change is the removal coffee stations where guests used to make their own tea and coffee.  Instead, a new ‘Coffee Nook’ has been created where barista-made coffees are now available.  Guests walk up to the door of the nook, place their order and then are able to take their beverage out into the alfresco area and enjoy the surrounds, while enjoying their beverage.


Energy-efficient and water-efficient appliances have been installed that are in keeping with Seville’s commitment to Laudato Si’ practices.


The stainless steel bench was repurposed from another area of Seville; the milk is fair price milk, locally sourced from the Atherton Tablelands; and the bottles are 100% recyclable bottles.  The caps go to a local school who send them off to be recycled into artificial limbs and casts for children.


A short video showing of the Coffee Nook can be viewed below.



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