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Seville Stays Open Despite Cyclone

Seville Conference Centre during TC Niran (2 March 2021)



Not even the impacts of a cyclone will interrupt services at Seville Mercy Conference Centre in Cairns, with bookings and activities still going ahead despite Tropical Cyclone Niran.


The cyclone has caused power outages to over 140,000 homes and businesses across Cairns and surrounds, including Seville.  However, thanks to the back-up generator Seville has power for not only the conference centre but the Convent also on site.


The high winds associated with the cyclone have caused minor damage at Seville, including the damage to a major power pole at the front of the property which means that it could take 2-3 weeks before power is restored.  However, all staff and Sisters are safe and well.


Seville is also an emergency evacuation centre for the Cairns community, but fortunately that hasn’t been utilised as yet.  It is anticipated that the cyclone will intensify more before it dissipates.


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Messages to:  Rod Cole-Clarke, Manager, Seville Conference Centre, Cairns


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