Seville – Australian Sustainability First


Seville Mercy Centre based in Cairns has just been announced as the first Sustainable Tourism certified conference centre in Australia!


The high profile accolade follows Seville’s world leading Sustainable Tourism Certification whereby they demonstrated best practices in a rigorous sustainability accreditation process.


“We feel incredibly proud of our team who have worked tirelessly to reach this milestone achievement. This has been a goal of ours for the past three years and we have done everything in our power to benchmark our environmentally sustainable operations against the world’s best. For a small Cairns based ministry we feel so privileged to be able to say we are the first in the country to achievement this certification,” said Rod Cole-Clarke, General Manager of Seville Mercy Conference Centre.


The peak body authorised with issuing the certification were glowing in their remarks about Seville.




“By achieving Sustainable Tourism Certification, Seville Mercy Conference Centre have demonstrated that they are one of our exemplary operators in terms of sustainability and the provision of a high-quality, recognisable product,” said Elissa Keenan, Chief Executive, Eco Tourism Australia.


This means that when you book with Seville, you are supporting a ministry that has an accredited commitment to sustainable practices.


The certification demonstrates Seville’s commitment to:

o Looking after our natural environment
o Minimising the impact on our environment
o Supporting and engaging our local community
o Reducing our carbon footprint
o Making real contributions to conservation
o Helping to preserve Australian Indigenous cultures.


Mr Cole-Clarke says “I hope Seville’s Eco certification will inspire many other businesses and events centres in particular to see that it’s possible to achieve this recognition and do their bit to save the environment while also achieving cost efficiencies and a sustainable workplace that everyone can be proud to be a part of.”


Sam Guant and Rod Cole-Clark from Seville Mercy Centre, Cairns.  

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