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Mercy Mission Formation Network

Tropical Cairns was the idyllic setting for the second gathering of the Mercy Mission Formation Network for 2014.  Twenty four women and men charged with formation for Mercy mission gathered for two days.  At this gathering the main objective was formation of the formators themselves and so Jan Gray rsm led a process of theological reflection on the topic ‘What is Mercy Mission for us today?’  The process allowed space and time for deep reflection and discussion on where the contemporary world is crying out for Mercy and how those charged with formation of ministry leaders might effectively form leaders to respond.

The afternoon of day two took up the challenge to be practical in our support of each other and sharing of resources for formation across the Mercy congregations represented. There was the opportunity to report on progress on the range of activities currently undertaken by the Network including a refinement of the document of levels of formation for ministry personnel and progress on the strategy for recruitment, induction and formation for Board Directors.

The Network meets twice yearly, participants drawn from and supported by the congregations of Sisters of Mercy of Parramatta, North Sydney, Brisbane, Institute of Sisters of Mercy of Australia & Papua New Guinea, Aoetorea New Zealand and from Mercy Partners are charged with formation of personnel for Mercy Mission.  There is a wonderful sense of Mercy community present in the group with support, sharing of resources and working groups often extending beyond the set days where areas of interest can be explored further together. To support the formators gatherings in 2015 will include one day of professional development and one day of project work.

Messgaes to: Carmel Crawford, Mercy Ethos Coordinator, ISMAPNG.

Participants at the August meeting of the Mercy Mission Formation Network held at Seville Conference Centre, Cairns.

Archived News Item

Mercy Mission Formation Network

The Mercy Mission Formation Network was formed over six years ago and held its most recent gathering in Melbourne on February 17 and 18, 2014.

The Mercy Mission Formation Network is a gathering place, real, as well as virtual, lay and religious, who are working with or are interested in formation in Mercy ethos and mission effectiveness in Mercy ministries and other groups.

Our purpose is to build a community of common interest and mutual support, to facilitate sharing of resources for Mercy ethos and mission effectiveness and to promote a centre for formation of the formators. Participants are funded by ministries or congregations and membership is open to all who are interested in joining. It is under the patronage of the four Mercy Congregations of Australia and Papua New Guinea and that of Aotearoa New Zealand.

At the Melbourne gathering, 25 participants engaged in vigorous discussion as we continued to develop strategies to assist in the delivery of programs.  Topics covered included i) continuing to develop a structure for the different levels of formation in ministries and ii) the development of formation activities for boards and young adults.  The network operates a drop box into which many valuable resources continue to be placed.

The network meets twice a year and our next meeting is in Cairns on August 4 and 5.  This group welcomes interested participants who are willing to contribute to the advancement of our purpose.  If you would like to participate contact Margaret Endicott RSM at

Ailsa Mackinnon RSM
February 21 2014.