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Mercy Connect manages new project in Kooringal to help people in need


In November 2020, Mercy Connect was pleased to commence the management services of a newly built property, located Kooringal, New South Wales.


The facility was designed and built by Abbeyfield Australia, who are committed to the development of community-based housing for people who wish to retain their independence whilst enjoying the company and security of others.


Abbeyfield liaises closely with governments at all levels and with local communities to ensure that the particular needs of people are considered in a strategic and needs based way.


The newly formed collaboration has provided an opportunity for Mercy Connect to appoint Rhys Carroll, Property & Welfare Officer, who will provide management services as well as providing social and in-home support.


Currently the property comprises of six units, one is occupied for the management services, with the other five units fully filled by participants.


As a Management Service Provider, Mercy Connect undertakes various roles and responsibilities including:

  • Physical location based on site.
  • Facilitate positive communication between residents.
  • Support choices and decisions, including communication with families for optimal outcomes.
  • Guidance and support to optimise independence.
  • Promote community inclusion activities that are of interest with current participants.
  • General maintenance and services.


“Abbeyfield develops policies and standards to support local groups who initiate, develop and manage group houses for people in need. Developing collaborations with organisations, such as Abbeyfield, further aids Mercy Connect’s mission in helping people in need to live fulfilled lives. The appointment of Mr Carroll has already proven to be a success, with many of the participants, having the opportunity to develop their living and social independence, whilst having a community support system at their side.” Trent Dean, Chief Executive Officer.


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