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Volunteer Pauline Ashton Celebrates 10 Year with Mercy Connect

Pauline Ashton (right) with students at St Aloysius Mercy College, North Melbourne


Over the past 10 years, Mercy Connect Melbourne has grown into Mercy Works’ biggest volunteer program in Australia. There are over 150 dedicated volunteers supporting more than 590 students in the city of Melbourne. One of those incredible volunteers is Pauline Ashton.


Pauline has been a volunteer with Mercy Connect Melbourne for 10 years and has proven to be an exceptional asset to the Mercy Connect community. Her tireless determination and drive are the cornerstone to her ability to connect with the students she mentors.


She began her volunteering journey at St. Aloysius’ Mercy College, North Melbourne where she supported and mentored refugee students as they navigated the Australian school system. After four years here, she moved to St. Brendan’s Primary School, Flemington where she has spent the last six years volunteering with at-risk students.


Three mornings every week during the school term, Pauline has been a fixture at St. Brendan’s, running focused teaching sessions with individual students to help them better understand basic mathematical concepts.


‘Her dedication to these students is exceptional,’ Michelle Hewitt, Leader of Mathematics, says, ‘as a classroom teacher, I have been fortunate enough to work with Pauline and gain valuable insight from her vast knowledge.’


Peter Hayes, Principal of St. Brendan’s, identifies her immense enthusiasm and expertise as essential in the undeniable positive impact she has had upon the students and staff in the school community. Pauline has not only shared her wealth of knowledge and expertise with the students she mentors but also with the classroom teachers, building their classroom skills in the process.


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