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Establishment of the Ministry of Governance Unit


In late 2020, the Institute Leadership Team announced some changes to focus both on animating ministry in the Sisters’ communities and also to continue preparation for the transfer of incorporated ministries to the future PJP, to be named Mercy Ministry Companions.


Sr Annette Schneider RSM, the Governance Formation Coordinator, and Jonathan Campton, Executive Officer Ministry Governance, have joined as the Ministry Governance Unit, supported by Helen Boland as Ministry Governance Support Officer.  This new unit formalised what was a strong working team in 2020 that delivered the inaugural Ministry of Governance Week, the new Governance Formation Schema and rolled out a series of new formation offerings to support the work of the Institute and its ministries in preparation for a new future with Mercy Ministry Companions.



The Ministry Governance Unit recently held some planning sessions online to share hopes, dreams and identify practical strategies for the coming year. It promises to be a very full year! We look forward to communicating with you from time to time during 2021 as we work to support the transition of the Institute’s ministries to Mercy Ministry Companions so that they may continue to flourish.


For further information please contact Helen Boland or Jonathan Campton or Annette Schneider rsm

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