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Ballarat East Heritage – Treasures from the Collection


The Ballarat East heritage and archives collection moved to Sydney in November 2019. As the Institute Archives and Heritage Team have been processing the collection they have discovered many wonderful objects that illustrate the rich religious and social history of the sisters in Ballarat East.


Music Stand

This elegant music stand belonged to Sr. Gertrude Healy, a member of the former Ballarat East Congregation. She taught music at Sacred Heart College. Before she entered the order she had been a world renowned violinist and music teacher.


French Tapestries


These wonderfully detailed tapestries were made in France. Titled “Noel de Vieux” (Old Man’s Christmas) and “Les Rameaux” (Palm Sunday), they were gifted to the sisters at St Arnaud by a former student and AIF soldier who had fought in France in the First World War.


Convent Seals

Two heavy seals; one has the convent name, and the other the convent crest.


Our Lady of Mercy Painting

Sr. Margaret Mary Batros was a member of the Ballarat East Congregation. She was a talented artist, and created many religious paintings, including this one of Our Lady of Mercy.


Sacred Heart College China

This gravy boat is part of a large set of china stamped with the crest of Sacred Heart College Ballarat.


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