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Loving God,
Please hold in your Hands, Kerry's daughter and all the family as they carry the burden of sadness and helplessness at this time. Help this young woman to feel your loving presence in her life.

17 May 2017


Please pray that I may with all of my heart know Gods unconditional love for me in my past sins. I am very exhausted of many years lasting terrible torture of deep guilt, darkness and very strong diabolic opressions, despite conversion many years ago..these diabolic lies about my great guilt and false image of God are so deeply rooted in my heart, it is very exhausting..Thank you very much! May God bless you for everything! Jana

6 April 2017

Reem Girgis :

Prayer request for salvation

Prayer request
hi Father.
sorry to bother.

please pray a lot for these three persons Leo Sue and Ziv.

Pray for Ziv in Particular as he is Jewish and Became atheist.

these three are atheists. may the Lord touch their hearts and reveal himself to them so they come to him.

please leave their names on the altar.

with thanks and appreciation

R. G. Sydney

24 March 2017


My prayer intention is that we pray for the homeless, especially since winter is approaching. And I pray that world peace will soon be among us...


8 March 2017

Brianna Mifsud :

Shower your blessings of strength and healing on Tiana as she faces a very aggressive form of bone cancer. Comfort and strengthen her mum and family at this challenging time.

15 February 2017

Helen :

Please pray for me.
Tomorrow a phone call might come; a phone call to send me into hospital. Please pray that this phone call does not come in; that I do not go into hospital away from my family, friends and loved ones. God, you will not regret this, I will truly show you with my actions how serious I am of actually getting better without hospital, and maintaining this effort. Thank-You, I am forever in your debt and love you with all my heart.

15 February 2017

Helen :

I pray for my granddaughter as she commences her life in education. May God always guide, care and nurture her and help her overcome any struggles and challenges that she may face. Give her calm and resolve to always know that she is loved deeply.

15 February 2017


I pray for my grandson that he will be accepted into his new school and that through the many wonderful opportunities that he hopefully we be given that he grows in love, courage & generosity.

10 February 2017


I pray my husband and I are blessed with a baby

4 February 2017


I pray for my family in Zimbabwe. God give them strength at this difficult time. Be with them, guide them and comfort them. I pray for strength for my husband as he deals with the many responsibilities he has at the moment. Amen.

17 January 2017


Dear Lord give Kaye strength in this time for a new position and for her to gain comfort from this request I ask this O'Lord.

12 January 2017

Sugar Garcia:

Please look after Fr Eric, that his operation will be successful. give him good health. Bless all the medical staff, family and friends with strength, wisdom, faith, hope love.

3 January 2017


Peace in the Hearts of Jesus, Mary and Joseph!

The Mary Help of Christians Crusade (MHCC) youth group is facilitating a Catholic youth congress this month, called Fiat: Marian Eucharistic Youth Congress 2017 from January 19-22. This is to coincide with the 100 Year Anniversary of the Apparition of Our Lady of Fatima, and we would like to ask for your spiritual assistance for its success.

Please let us know if you are able to offer prayers and spiritual assistance to us, so that we can include your community in our thanksgiving at the conclusion of the event.

For more information, you can email me at

26 December 2016

Basima qsanoo:

special intention

12 December 2016


I pray for my son to overcome his drug and alcohol addiction.

10 December 2016


Inspire us and animate us O Spirit of God and spirit of Catherine as we pray and journey towards ISMA & PNG Chapter 2017

10 December 2016


God help me to give when we give we get more .Amen

1 December 2016


May the blessings of Peace and Mercy be on the two nephews being Baptised this week

14 November 2016