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Young Mercy Links: Ethical, Sustainable Fashion Event

Members of Young Mercy Links welcomed eco-stylist, Nina Gbor to the Mercy Hub on 4 October 2019.


On Friday 4th of October, as part of the Season of Creation, Young Mercy Links welcomed eco-stylist, Nina Gbor at the Mercy Hub on Nicholson St, to partner in hosting our very first ethical and sustainable fashion event.


We began the afternoon with a skills swap, with knitting and crochet lessons… a few of our RSM friends came to join in and creations included crochet head-bands for use in our pampering sessions at Bethlehem Community in Reservoir. 


Learning to knit as part of an ethical and sustainable fashion movement.


Later, our professional eco-stylist, Nina, informed us of the implications of buying fast-fashion, how to find out which brands pay their garment manufacturers a wage too low to live by and the effects of unethical manufacturing processes on local water supplies.


Did you know that, according to The Chaser’s War on Waste, Australian’s throw away 6,000kgs of textiles every 10 minutes. Such wastage is having an impact on our environment.


Our solution is to reduce, reuse and recycle.


Nina showed us how to maximise our wardrobe’s efficiency and flexibility by restyling one simple outfit in five different ways for various purposes and occasions.


Nina Gbor giving tips on how to maximise a wardrobe’s efficiency and flexibility to reduce waste.


We finished off with a clothes swap: we each brought a number of items that we no longer wear and were able to take items that we could use ourselves. 


We can all be stylish while maintaining a commitment to our ecological responsibilities.


While there were only a few of us in attendance for the event, it was informative, inspiring and fun.


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