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Young Mercy Adult Network

Young Mercy Adult Network is a network of young adults committed to a vision of making a difference in our world, based on values of compassion and justice.

The last months have been very busy for the Mercy Young Adult Network – both for local groups within the network and for the network itself. One of the major highlights was a Gathering of the Network in October in Melbourne focusing on Mercy and Justice Shall Meet – with head, heart and hands! The weekend brought together a wonderful mix of people from across Australia, Papua New Guinea and New Zealand and provided the opportunity for people to connect, share, dream and plan.

As facilitator of the Network I was particularly delighted to have a statement from the Gathering to focus the network and its development.

“We are a passionate network of Mercy minded women and men, committed to growing communities of justice and compassion to build a better world. We are inspired and grounded in the continuing story of Catherine McAuley, embodying God’s Mercy. We are a platform for action on local, national and global levels providing opportunities for groups throughout Australasia to connect, synergise, learn, challenge and share resources.”