Archived News Item

World Mercy Circle of Prayer on December 12

Calling all Mercy sisters, associates, collaborators around the world. On Friday December 12, we have the joy of celebrating together once again, the foundation day of the Sisters of Mercy. On this day 177 years ago Venerable Catherine McAuley, Mary Anne Doyle and Elizabeth Harley made their profession as Sisters of Mercy in the Presentation Convent in Georges Hill in Dublin, Ireland.

From that time to today, the charism of Mercy, so well lived by Venerable Catherine, her close collaborators and co-founding sisters, as well, hopefully, by all of us who follow in their footsteps, continues to be a vibrant channel of God’s Loving Mercy in the world.

In order to celebrate this great gift given by God through Catherine to the Church, we ask each one of you to gather with you as many people as you can and link in with the World Mercy Circle of Prayer that will go on continuously right around the globe from 12 noon to 2:00 pm on that day. Such a concerted call of mercy to the Merciful heart of God, through the intercession of Venerable Catherine will not fail to bring on all of us many gifts and blessings from heaven.

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