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Workshop For Local Communication Facilitators

Mercy Web Presence 2011

On Tuesday, February 15, sixteen Local Communication Facilitators (LCF’s) from eleven Congregations along with Caroline Ryan rsm Institute leadership and Mrs Kathy Fuller Institute secretary, gathered at Fraynework Multimedia in Melbourne to be updated in regard the Mercy presence on the world wide web.

The first session focused on recent updates to the Institute website and generated much discussion on the potential the website offers to communicate the works of Mercy taking place throughout the Institute. The discussion also brought forward some ways that this could be developed further. The LCF’s were challenged to ensure that the Members Area is supplied with all relevant and current information and used as often as possible. LCF’s were encouraged to supply photos and current contact information for the Directory and to develop the Obituaries area more fully with small bios of the deceased Sisters.

The second session, which covered the upgrading of Mercy Mail was very helpful for the LCF’s in their work with members of their Congregations. In light of the regular electronic communications which will be issued regarding the New Institute, this information was very timely.

By the time the group looked at the new website for the Mercy International Association which contains a comprehensive Public site and Members Network it was clear that we have a wonderful tool for our work in the twenty-first century. One of the features on the homepage is the recognition of the importance of Social Networking in today’s society with links to and the use of Facebook and Twitter to further present the Mercy message to the world. Fraynework staff member, Carlos Lora, introduced the group to what Social Networking entails and gave us even more impetus to work with the wonderful resource both the Australian and Mercy International Association websites offer us.

The day began with a time of prayer based on the Message of Pope Benedict XVI for the 45th World Communications Day, June 5, 2011 and the vote of thanks given to Sr. Adele Howard, Anne Walsh and all at Fraynework at the conclusion of the gathering applied some of the Pope’s words to their work. In giving the vote of thanks, Anne McMillan recalled seeing the beginning of Fraynework – two small offices at Alphington containing Adele and another staff member and the making of a video on Ursula Frayne. From this small beginning, Sisters of Mercy around the globe now have a international multimedia platform which enables us to communicate, educate and form others in the work of Mercy.

This realisation inspired and challenged all at the workshop and with our thanks, we acknowledged that the following words of the Pope can indeed be applied to Fraynework Multimedia: “Believers who bear witness to their most profound convictions greatly prevent the web from becoming an instrument that depersonalizes people…..on the contrary, believers encourage everyone to keep alive the eternal human questions and our longing for authentic forms of life, truly worthy of being lived. It is precisely this uniquely human spiritual yearning which inspires our quest for truth and for communion and which impels us to communicate with integrity and honesty.” All present were strong in their thanks to Adele and team for their inspiration, creativity and are now challenged to use our Mercy web presence to work towards the ‘quest for truth and for communion’ and do so with integrity and honesty’ as Fraynework have done. Our thanks for a most profitable day.