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What is happening to Earth Link?

Earth Link, a community environment centre in Queensland sponsored by the Sisters of Mercy, is set to sail into the next three years of its existence. With the assurance of financial support from the Sisters of Mercy, we have revamped the staffing as follows:

  • Mary Tinney RSM will continue for two days a week as Earth Link and Programme Co-ordinator;
  • Jennifer Garner will continue her responsibility for organising programmes in the area of Earth-Human Wellbeing;
  • Margaret McKinley commences at the beginning of October as Administration Co-ordinator for 10 hours a week and will live on site;
  • Philip Costigan will commence in early 2011 as Property Co-ordinator for about 5 hours a week; and
  • Marilyn Cuttler will continue for the immediate future as a volunteer.

At our recent annual planning meeting, we explored through symbols the balance of the Spring equinox, our vision and our fears for the next three years of Earth Link. Our reflections called us to be poised between being grounded and sourced by the earth and the sacred as the basis of our vision and being open to new possibilities.

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From: Mary Tinney RSM (Brisbane)