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Victoria Square Convent Entrusted to Mercedes College

From left to right: Kerry Willison RSM, Silvia Williams RSM, Moira Truelson RSM, Kerrie Fraser, Eveline Crotty RSM and Caroline Ryan RSM.


On June 11, a ritual was held to entrust the Convent of Mercy, Victoria Square to Mercedes College, Perth.

It was a meaningful ceremony, with the Convent being a much loved home and place of ministry for many sisters over the years.

Sisters, students, staff and parents attended the ceremony, which was prepared by Kerry Willison RSM.

Institute Leader, Eveline Crotty RSM said that it was a very significant day for all of the sisters of the Institute, especially the sisters in Perth.

“This site and building hold many memories and we could spend days sharing them.

“The building will continue to hold in its walls and rooms and in the earth itself those memories long after we have gone.

“It has been a place of education, a convent to house the sisters for their wellbeing to continue their mission and later a heritage centre. It is now time to look to its future.

“This building is now being ‘entrusted’ to Mercedes College for the continuation of the mission of education, an important mission of the Church.

“I know it will continue to be imbued with the charism of Mercy,” she said.

The Principal of Mercedes College, Kerrie Fraser said the College is very grateful to be entrusted with the ongoing custodianship of the Convent.

“It means a great deal to the whole College community particularly our students past, present and future.

“It represents the rich history of the founding Sisters of Mercy who arrived in 1846 to start the Mercy presence in Australia.

“The Sisters know that they are always welcome here”, she said.

A morning tea marked the conclusion of the handover of Perth Convent to Mercedes College.

Gratitude was expressed to Kerry Willison RSM for organising such a beautiful and fitting ritual.

Mollie Wright RSM (Ex-Principal of Mercedes College) and Joan Kelleher RSM.



Georgina Conti (Head Girl), Nicola Pike (Deputy Head Girl) from Mercedes College with Moira Truelson RSM and Caroline Ryan RSM enjoying morning tea.


From L-R: Jo Dillon RSM, Kaye Bolwell RSM, Flo O’Sullivan RSM(standing), Beverley Stott RSM, Mary O’Connor RSM and Catherine O’Connor RSM


From L-R: Nicola Pike (Deputy Head Girl), Sylvia Williams RSM, Georgina Conti (Head Girl), Caroline Ryan RSM, Susan Macdonald (Deputy Principal, Faith and Mission)


Victoria Square Convent

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