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Travel training in the sights of Mercy Connect participant

Neville is growing confidence in catching the bus between Lavington and Wodonga.


Over a recent six week period, Mercy Connect staff members undertook travel training with participant Neville on the local Albury / Wodonga public transport network, enabling him to travel on his own to programs at SITE Disability Services, Wodonga.


Each Tuesday, Neville catches three buses from Lavington to Wodonga, initially being supported by Mercy Connect staff and now he is doing it by himself.


Staff used a range of supports to aid Neville in his travel training, including a process that involved two coloured lanyards. A different colour was used for each different travel day and picture cards were used to assist Neville in his steps to catch the bus.



Neville says that he was excited to catch the bus as he likes meeting new people.


This is an example of a great community access initiative and hopefully will give Neville the skills to catch the bus to other places in our local community.


Messages to: Jasmine Cappellari, Mercy Connect