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Transition Ceremony Held For Townsville Mercy Associates

Standing, L-R: Carmel King RSM, Sheerah Tait, Trudy Clarke, Rita Tomba, Marcia Chock Man, Helen White RSM, Joan Neal, Anne Henderson. Seated, L-R: Una King, Fiona Williams.


On February 8 a small, enthusiastic group participated in a ceremony in Townsville to mark their transition to being Mercy Associates of the Institute.


Also attending were a number of Sisters from Townsville, along with representatives of Mercy ministries in Townsville including St Patrick’s College, the Mater Hospital, and Mercy Community Services NQ.


The ceremony involved eight people making their commitment as Mercy Associates of the Institute –  Rita Tomba, Trudy Clarke, Una King, Joan Neal, Fiona Williams, Sheerah Tait, Marcia Chock Man and Anne Henderson.


Helen White RSM, Community Leader of the North region, presented each Associate with a certificate, and Carmel King RSM presented their badges. Sr Helen spoke of the importance of hope as an element of faith and as a way of engaging with the world. She described the imbalance we experience via media coverage of violence and destructive world events whereas the day to day lives of people are mostly directed towards goodness, expressing the capacity we all have for living in a way that benefits others.


Townsville Mercy Associates commitment reading


The presence of Mercy Associates in the Townsville diocese for over twenty years has been largely the result of the dedication of Carmel King RSM. At the conclusion of the ceremony, she was presented with flowers to acknowledge the gratitude of the local Mercy Associates for her unwavering commitment to ensuring this movement operated in Townsville. Carmel responded by encouraging the Mercy Associates to carry on with their ministries as Mercy Associates are a positive hope for the future. Following the ceremony, the gathering adjourned to a sumptuous afternoon tea provided by the local Sisters.


More than a dozen others have expressed an interest in being part of the renewed Mercy Associates movement in the Townsville region, but distance precluded their attendance at the ceremony.


A meeting of all those who are Mercy Associates in Townsville or who are interested in finding out more will be held at the House of Prayer at 5.00pm on Thursday March 22.


Contact Carmel Ross (Executive Officer, Mercy Associates) for details about Mercy Associates in Townsville, at or on 0408 124404.