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The tragedy of human trafficking

This week (on December 10) we celebrate the sixtieth anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Yet, throughout the world, the violation of human rights continues. One of today’s biggest human rights crises is the international trafficking of women, girls, men and boys into slavery.

The Jammed
The Institute Justice Network has been active in its promotion of the movie The Jammed. Set in Australia, the film provides incredible insights into human trafficking and was nominated for the following Australian Film Institute (AFI) awards:

  • AFI Award for Best Film
  • AFI Award for Best Direction
  • AFI Award for Best Original Screenplay
  • AFI Award for Best Editing
  • AFI Award for Best Lead Actress
  • AFI Award for Best Supporting Actress

Have you seen The Jammed? Find out more.

ACRATH represents more than 8,000 women and men who belong to religious orders and who are passionate about eliminating trafficking and slavery in Australia. ACRATH works in collaboration with other groups and individuals – both government and non-government.

ACRATH aims to:

  • Raise awareness, share information, build networks nationally and globally
  • Facilitate action at pastoral and structural levels to combat and prevent human rights violations relating to the trafficking of humans
  • Provide education through a variety of materials and resources
  • Provide direct services, for example counseling, rehabilitation and reintegration programmes

ACRATH recently launched its website which provides excellent resources and information. Visit the site.

Contact: Carmel Heagerty RSM, Institute Justice Co-ordinator