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The Pain of God

Anne Drover RSM (North Sydney) has been reflecting on the suffering in the world and has submitted a reflection for readers.

  • This picture – “The Pain of God”, attempts to portray the effect on a Creator – God as “man’s inhumanity to man” increases, and includes not only all living creatures, but our very planet, earth.
  • Species extinction accelerates as we plunder earth’s resources, poisoning air and water. Our very existence is in mortal danger.
  • Reminders of the horrors of Srebrenica, Rwanda, Sudan, the Congo. Genocide in our time, as the story of Cain and Abel is repeated a thousand-fold. Nor are we Australians immune, faced with a history of massacres by early colonists, and today, injustices heaped one upon another by those claiming to know ‘what is best’ for those they dispossess.

About the symbols

  • From the abode of light, jagged and menacing shapes.
  • Planet earth and Calvary’s Hill (Golgotha – Hebrew "the place of a skull").
  • Streams (tears?) of blood rain from the heavens.
  • A suffering world:
    “God so loved the World…” (John 3:6)
    “Father, forgive them, they know not what they do…” (Luke 28:34)

Artwork and text by Anne Drover RSM (North Sydney)