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The Climate Emergency and Pope Francis Online Course by Rahamim

Pope Francis (source: Reuters)


Rahamim have developed a new online course that looks at climate change and how you can do something about it.


While climate change has been known about by scientists, at least in theory, since the 1890s, the majority of us only started to hear about it in the late 2000s. This course is designed for anyone who would like to know more about Climate Change, the science behind it and how it will affect us.


The course also covers how Pope Francis and other faith communities are responding to the Climate Crisis.


Not sure what you personally can do to prevent climate catastrophe? We also explore solutions and how individuals can affect change in their local community.


This course has two aims: To communicate the science of the climate emergency for those who may not be specialists in the science, especially at this time, now that we are beginning to see signs of it having its effect in our daily lives; and to explore responses from Pope Francis, alongside other sectors, who are taking action in response to the climate emergency – adapting to the realities of what we expect to experience in the next 15-30 years and examining the solutions proposed in Project Drawdown, to reverse climate change.


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