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Thank You to Outgoing Community Leaders

Margaret Broadbent RSM, Faye Kelly RSM, Kathleen Williams RSM and Michelle Goh RSM


Ceremonies have been held in four of the six Institute’s communities giving gratitude to outgoing Community Leaders for their dedication and tireless service to their communities. 


Berenice Kerr RSM (South B), Faye Kelly RSM (South C), Helen White RSM (North) and Mary Geason RSM (Central B) finished their terms as Community Leaders with a range of celebrations and reflections.


In South C, sisters gathered at the Mercy Hub on February 17 to farewell Faye Kelly RSM, as she prepared to embark on the next phase of her mercy journey after seven years as Community Leader.


The afternoon began with a short service of reflection, during which thanks and prayers were offered for Faye’s leadership. Three sisters spoke movingly about the different ways in which Faye had been significant in their lives and in the life of the community.  Margaret Broadbent RSM presented Faye with a symbolic gift – a colourful hat with messages of thanks and appreciation.


Michelle Goh RSM gave a small plant that captured beautifully Faye’s nurturing of the life in the community. Kathleen Williams RSM spoke of the inspiration, depth and generosity of Faye’s leadership; she presented Faye with an artist’s hand-blown glass vase made on the Mornington Peninsula.


Faye then shared her reflections on her time with Community South C. After this time of sharing and reflection, the sisters moved next door to Sibling café, which generously hosted an afternoon tea and somehow managed to create space for the nearly 90 who attended!  During this more informal time, many sisters were able to speak personally with Faye and to share memories and hopes for the future.


In South B, they held a ‘High Afternoon Tea’ at the Mercure Hotel on February 10 to give thanks for Berenice’s seven years of service.


The celebration in North included farewells for Helen White RSM in each of the major centres.


A celebration was held for Mary Geason RSM at Noah’s on the Beach, Newcastle on February 2, with more than 65 Central B Community sisters attending.


Thank you to Berenice, Faye, Mary and Helen on the outstanding jobs you have done in these important roles in the Institute.



South C – Farewell for Faye Kelly RSM

Mary Lewis RSM, Kath Keady RSM, Claire Skehan RSM




Margaret Moore RSM and Faye Kelly RSM


Rosina Livingstone RSM, Jan Geason RSM, Frances Baker RSM and Nicole Rotaru RSM


Rosemary Patterson RSM, Valda Clarke RSM and Maureen Sullivan RSM


South B – Farewell for Berenice Kerr RSM


Eukele performance left to right Marie Mansbridge RSM, Linda Hewitt RSM and Ellen Dunn RSM


Left to right Anne Cossar RSM, Berenice Kerr RSM, Veronica Lawson RSM, and Kathleen Moran RSM


Left to right Pat O’Brien RSM, Marie Bourke RSM, and Berenice Kerr RSM


Left to right Berenice Kerr RSM, Chris Coughlan RSM, and Karon Donnellon RSM


Berenice Kerr RSM


North – Farewell for Helen White RSM


Margery Daly RSM, Helen White RSM and Philomena Lowth RSM


Helen White RSM and Anne Slattery RSM


Bev Strong RSM and Helen White RSM


Anne Slattery RSM and Helen White RSM


Cairns Farewell with all Sisters



Central B – Farewell for Mary Geason RSM


Mary Lynch RSM and Mary Geason RSM.


Left to right: Marea Roberts RSM, Fran Stace RSM, Maureen Shakeshaft RSM, Mary Geason RSM and Margaret Shakeshaft RSM.


(Thank you to Liam Gubbins for the South C information).