Re-visiting Canticle to the Cosmos Online with Sr Patricia Powell rsm

Weekly interactive online sessions with Sr Patricia exploring the classic Brian Swimme lecture series, Canticle to the Cosmos. Participants will be able to watch the series in 20 minute segments with time for discussion. This is a free series for the Season of Creation. REGISTER NOW! educator@rahamim.org.au (02) 6332 9950

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Visions of Beauty: a pilgrimage to Russia

Join Dr Natalia Pecherskaya (President, SRPh (Centre for Scientific, Educational, Religious and Philosophical Programs), St Petersburg – www.srph.ru), together with Krystal McCallum (Gippsland Travel) on this pilgrimage of peace to Russa, taking in Moscow, Tver, Great Novgorod and St Petersburg. Participants will be encouraged to learn about the notions of ‘Beauty’ and ‘Peace’ and their

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