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Students Visit Institute Centre To Maintain Mercy Connection

Students from St Michael’s Stanmore with (L to R) Annette Schneider rsm, Barbara Bolster rsm, Joan Doyle rsm, Sally Bradley rsm and Jan Holahan rsm.


Students from St Michael’s Catholic Primary School, Stanmore New South Wales recently visited the Institute Centre, a mere 200 metres up the hill from their school campus.


The students met with representatives of the Institute Leadership Team, Sisters Annette Schneider rsm, Barbara Bolster rsm and Sally Bradley rsm. Also on hand to say hello to the students, were Joan Doyle rsm and Jan Holahan rsm.


The students are part of a newly formed ‘Mercy in Action’ group that was started at the School this year.


The focus of the group is on Mercy values and how they can empower the School community to embrace these values in everything they do. Last term, the School raised money for Caritas Australia, as part of the recognition that all students are potential agents of positive change.


St Michael’s Stanmore was begun by the Parramatta Congregation of the Sisters of Mercy in 1912 and from the early 1960s until the early 1990s was run by the former Grafton Congregation.


The Institute Centre at Stanmore has in its life been a private residence, a convent for the Sisters from Parramatta, as well as a Sydney base for the Grafton Sisters. In the early 1960s, there was a  strong need for Grafton Sisters to come to Sydney for formation, as well as medical appointments and other purposes.


As part of allowing the Grafton Sisters to establish the house that is now the Institute Centre, the local Bishop requested they staff St Michael’s School, a task that they happily took on for thirty years.


When the last Sister who was Principal, Cecilia Rowe rsm finished in the early 1990s, the now Institute Centre building took on a new life as a guest house, mainly for people visiting from the country to be with loved ones while they were in hospital.


With the formation of the Institute in 2011, after a substantial renovation, the building was converted to the Institute Centre opening in 2013. Since then the Leadership Team has visited the school on a number of occasions and representatives of the school have visited the Institute Centre and long may this connection continue.



27 April 2017