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South B Community brings a little sunshine to PNG

Villagers at Kungingini


In 2017, Sisters from the South B Community donated funds to buy solar-powered lights for a clinic in Kungingini, PNG, where some of the Institute’s Sisters minister. The solar lamps have been a great success aiding in providing reliable lighting in the clinic at night – especially while delivering babies. 


The project originally came about after South B Community Leader Berenice Kerr RSM heard about the ‘Little Sun solar lamps’ from a student at Sacred Heart College Geelong who went to Sub-Saharan Africa in her Gap year and realised the potential for solar power in the villages.


“That got me thinking, so I started talking to Theresia Tina RSM to find out if they would be useful in Papua New Guinea,” said Sr Berenice. “From there it grew so that now all the sisters have one and then we got them for Philomena Waira’s clinic.”


The delivery methods for the solar lamps are both personal and practical. Sr Berenice describes the solar lamps being taken over to Papua New Guinea via carrier. Cairns Sister Anne Moule RSM is the main organiser of having the solar lamps carried in the luggage of visitors to Papua New Guinea.


“As they are small and light, it’s not hard to carry a few.”


Sr Philomena expressed her deepest gratitude in a card which read:
‘Dear Berenice, Hello and greetings from PNG, Kungingini. Thank you very much for the little sun lights that you sent for me. I gave these lights to the nurses, school students and the Mercy friends that I work with in the parish. Everyone recieved a sun light and they were very happy. They asked me to send their love and thank you’s to you and all the Sisters. I sent the pictures through Fran’s email, check with her and she’ll give them to you. Love Philomena Waira.’


The sun solar lamps are from an organisation called Little Sun Foundation. The mission of the Little Sun Foundation is to bring solar energy to the most vulnerable communities worldwide who are off the grid and beyond the reach of their entrepreneurial distribution models. These include remote schools, refugee camps, and people affected by natural disasters.


For more information about Little Sun Foundation visit:


Messages to: Berenice Kerr RSM



Nurses at clinic run by Catholic Church, Kungingini, diocese of Wewak – in East Sepik province of PNG


Co-workers of Sisters of Mercy


Male nurse