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South B and South C Jubilee Celebration

Violet Kearns RSM, Caroline Coyle RSM, Carole McDonald RSM , Kathlyn O’Brien RSM, Marie Bourke RSM, Lizzie Finnerty RSM, Annette Schneider RSM, Kathy Ryan RSM, Carmel Hinkley RSM, Kath Keady RSM, Patricia Murnane FMDM, Margaret Moore RSM and Suzanne Fairbairn FMDM.


Catherine McAuley would surely have smiled upon us her Sisters, as we gathered on a dull, drab, cold and windy morning in Ballarat, for the second of two Jubilee Celebrations of Sisters from the South B and C  Communities.  

Inside the Mercure Convention Centre it was different. The good cup of tea was available and the noise level gradually rose as Sisters met and greeted each other. A great spirit of happiness and joy was evident as we gathered for the Jubilee Mass which was celebrated by Father Justin Driscoll who in his homily gave us a different understanding of the Magnificat which had been the Gospel reading.  Loreto Lynch’s lovely music encouraged us all to lift our voices to God as we celebrated these wonderful Mercy women.


We moved from one banquet to another.  Before the meal, we began a process of the introduction of each of the Jubilarians.  A Sister nominated by the Jubilarian presented a brief profile of the Sister’s life and Ministry.  A wonderful way for us to learn about each other!


Following the first course and after the dessert, further presentations were given. These included two for members of the Franciscan Missionaries of the Divine  Motherhood  ( FMDM’s) who are now under the banner of Mercy.  Of the five 70 year celebrants, three watched from Heaven (deceased this year) and two were unable to be present.  Three Diamond and one Golden Jubilarian were also celebrated in absentia.


South B Community Leader, Christina Aitken, gracefully guided the proceedings.  We were delighted to welcome Liz Moloney from the ILT and several other inter community friends of Jubilarians.


Following the traditional toast and the response for the Jubilarians, given by Kathy Ryan, people gradually left for the drive home.  And so the joy, happiness and laughter abated as the Sisters moved out into a now sunny, brighter and warmer evening. We, the Committee Members, were overjoyed to have been able to help plan this wonderful and memorable event and offer our thanks to all for their co-operation in assisting us.


The Jubilarians were Sisters Carmel Hinkley RSM, Annette Schneider RSM, Lizzie Finnerty RSM, Kathy Ryan RSM, Kath Keady RSM, Patricia Murnane FMDM, Margaret Moore RSM, Suzanne Fairbairn FMDM, Kerry Thomas RSM, Marie Bourke RSM, Caroline Coyle RSM, Violet Kearns RSM, Carole McDonald RSM, Kathlyn O’Brien RSM, Philippa McDonald RSM, Margaret Sheehan RSM, Joan Thomas RSM, Veronica Bruce RSM and Elizabeth Donnelly RSM.

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The South B and C Jubilee Celebration


Anne Cossar RSM


Ellen Dunn RSM, Linda Hewitt RSM, Paula Anne O’Connell RSM, Kate Mannes RSM, Organist Loreto Lynch RSM


Fr Justin Driscoll


Jubilarians Renew Vows


Jubilarians Renew Vows


Annette Schneider RSM and Marie Bourke RSM


Violet Kearns RSM and Carole McDonald RSM


Trudy Keur RSM, Christina Aitken RSM and Linda Hewitt RSM


Suzanne Fairbairn FMDM and Patricia Murnane FMDM


Rosemary Duck RSM, Helen Monkivitch RSM and Marie Bourke RSM


Liz Dowling RSM and Madeline Duckett RSM


Kath Keady RSM, Lizzie Finnerty RSM and Kathy Ryan RSM


Emma Llewellyn and Joan Doyle RSM


Eileen Ann Daffy RSM, Kathy Ryan RSM, Anila Isaac RSM and Nicole Rotaru RSM


With thanks to Marie Mansbridge RSM (Text), Carol Ong RSM (Photos) and Anne McMillan RSM (Mass Booklet). 


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