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Snapshot: ISMAPNG Townsville Collection

Sr. M. Thecla Geddes sits in the middle of the four other Sisters. This photograph was taken at Halifax Convent and School.


The Writing Case below is believed to have been made by Sr. Mary Thecla Geddes around 1945. Evelyn Geddes was born in 1905 and entered the Sisters of Mercy Convent in Townsville in June 1925.


During her religious life she was a teacher and worked at many schools in Townsville, Bowen, Ingham and Proserpine. She also was appointed Superior of several local Convents in Halifax, Collinsville and Villa Vincent.


Sr. Mary Thecla is remembered as being gifted with the use of her hands, mastering many crochet and knitting patterns while working as a Sister. She is remembered at the community room table, surrounded by yards of white material, making habits for many sisters, with never a pleat out of place. In fact, before Sr. M. Thecla entered the Convent she was employed by a Japanese silk merchant.  While in Bowen she even taught paper and needle craft to local children at the Convent.


While exact details of the item remain unknown it can be deduced it may have been used in either her teaching or her administration work as a Sister of Mercy.



Writing Case

Writing Case


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