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Sisters Celebrate Jubilees

With candles L to R: Carmel Gardiner RSM, June Cassidy RSM, Lorraine Cupitt RSM, and Carolyn Nolan RSM.


On Saturday 14 April, a wonderful jubilee celebration was held in Canberra for four Sisters. It was one of many celebrations being held across the Institute this year, with more than 70 Sisters celebrating the milestone of either 40, 50, 60 or 70 years as Sisters of Mercy.


Sisters June Cassidy RSM (60 years), Carmel Gardiner RSM (60 years), Lorraine Cupitt RSM (50 years) and Carolyn Nolan RSM (50 years) were honoured at a ceremony at the Hellenic Club at which more than 80 people were in attendance, including Sisters from the Central B and South C communities.


Institute Councillors Marie Duffy RSM and Elizabeth Moloney RSM attended on behalf of the Institute Leadership Team.


The celebration was organised by Gay Owen RSM and Loretta Corrigan RSM with the help of Marie Kearns RSM who took photos, Kaye Cole RSM who made all the personalized candles and Patricia Weekes RSM performed the role of MC.


During the ceremony the Sisters renewed their vows and commitment to mission:

“I commit myself once more to a life of service through your works of mercy, to seek justice, to be compassionate and to reflect your mercy in our world.”


The beautiful ceremony was followed by lunch and a delicious cake that was made by Sister Maria Assunta RSM.



Congratulations and thank you to these and the many other wonderful women of Mercy celebrating their jubilees this year.


Messages to: June Cassidy RSM, Lorraine Cupitt RSM and Carolyn Nolan RSM 

We would love to feature this year other Jubilees across the Institute, please email your photos to 

Front L to R: Eileen Savage RSM, Gwenda Livermore RSM, Josephine Doyle RSM, Marie Duffy RSM, Elizabeth Moloney RSM, Catherine McMahon RSM, Kathleen McCarthy RSM, and Mary Corkeron RSM.



With candles L to R: Carmel Gardiner RSM, June Cassidy RSM, Carolyn Nolan RSM and Lorraine Cupitt RSM.



Carmel Gardiner RSM


Carolyn Nolan RSM


June Cassidy RSM


Lorraine Cupitt RSM


Elizabeth Moloney RSM and Marie Duffy RSM


Carmel Gardiner RSM, June Cassidy RSM, Carolyn Nolan RSM and Lorraine Cupitt RSM.


Marie Murphy RSM, Mary Corkeron RSM and Elizabeth Maloney RSM


Standing: Nerida Tinkler RSM, Christina Aitken RSM and Marie Kearns RSM Sitting: Eileen Quade RSM and Carolyn Nolan RSM


Lorraine Cupitt RSM and family


Shirley Garland RSM and Liz Rothe RSM