Archived News Item

Singleton sisters fundraise for Mercy Works Inc.

On the weekend October 9-10, Singleton Sister of Mercy, Yvonne Wynn RSM and a team of volunteers hosted a fundraising event for Mercy Works Inc., the Institute’s relief and development agency. Through a very successful garage sale, the team raised in excess of $2000 for community development projects overseas and in Australia. Rita Hassett RSM (Singleton) reports.

Photo: Yvonne Wynn RSM and Yvonne, a potential buyer, admire some of the beautiful china on sale.

These days, when the general population as well as our Mercy communities are very mobile, it is a wonderful time to raise funds by having pre-loved goods sales. The Singleton Congregation has held such a sale which has proven a valuable source of funds.

This year Yvonne Wynn RSM and her working party invested a great deal of time and energy into a garage sale held on the weekend October 9-10. The proceeds, in excess of $2000, will go to Mercy Works Inc.

The light-hearted interaction between the sisters and the buyers gives opportunity for a new expression of visitation of old.

From: Rita Hassett RSM