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Sensing the Sacred Nature Walk – REACH Youth Group

Some of the REACH Youth Group members (and their families) who participated in the nature walk.



Terry Power, Manager of Formation and Projects, Mercy Ministries FNQ (pictured above front row, left), shares the good work being done by the REACH Youth Group and his recent experience of time spent with them in nature.


“God saw everything that he had made, & indeed, it was very good.”
Genesis 1:31


The REACH Youth Group was formed just over two years ago and they have a wonderful relationship with our Mercy ministries here in Far North Queensland.  Each fortnight the group gathers at the Seville Mercy Conference Centre, Cairns. I have been delighted to work closely with their co-ordinator, Priscilla O’Brien, in planning their programs, assisting with resources and facilitating an annual retreat weekend.  Last year they joined our roster for Cook-Up for the Homeless and I know that the young people find this outreach of mercy to be meaningful and rewarding.


Recently I led a number of these young people and their families on a rainforest walk, with the aim of encountering God in the natural world.  We met at Stoney Creek National Park and walked up to Red Bluff Lookout, returning to Stoney Creek for a swim before heading home.


Stoney Creek National Park – a beautiful part of creation in Far North Queensland


Our walk included eight stops where we told stories about the natural environment (the National Parks and forests, the creeks and the wildlife) and our local human connection to this place (the history of our local indigenous people, white settlement, mining, logging and tourism and water supply).  Each stop included a short time of silence and concluded with our prayer that we might sense the sacredness of the local environment and commit ourselves to respect, protect and care for all of creation.

At the end of the day the group was tired, yet energised, and grateful for the wonderful gift of our natural environment!


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30 June 2017