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2019 Ministry Governance Forum

Around the table from front left: Sally Bradley RSM, Denise Fox RSM, Ellen Geraghty, Christina Aitken RSM, Tony Bidstrup and Kathleen Donnellon.


The seventh Institute Ministry Governance Forum was held in Sydney on 13 and 14 March 2019. This yearly event provides an opportunity for Board Directors and Executive Officers of our Incorporated Ministries, along with the IT and Community Leaders, to share, collaborate and grow in understanding of our one mission of Mercy.


There have been a lot of collegial friendships built over the seven years.  And last week  the Governance Forum comprised a wide group of nearly 60 people representative of our ministries in the areas of health and aged care, education, social services, and community development.


The focus of the first day was on mission, spirit and justice. Eveline Crotty RSM, Michael West from the local Indigenous community, and Caroline Ryan RSM brought us all into the room.


Eveline spoke of the inspiring growth in PNG, the importance of education as a way out of poverty and the place of governance and leadership in enabling mission. Michael’s welcome to country acknowledged the real Australian history and the importance of working for human rights for all. Caroline led us in prayer with the theme of human trafficking and enslavement.


Mary Pat Garvin RSM, a Sisters of Mercy of the Americas, spoke to us of Catherine as a social mystic, describing her as a point of connection between God’s grace and a world in need.


The first day closed with a reflection on the suffering state of the Church, and some of the challenges this presents for leaders of catholic ministries today. Action for human rights was also considered, especially in relation to campaigning against the trafficking of humans and human slavery and by safeguarding children and vulnerable adults.


Around the table from Front Left: Carolyn Nolan RSM, Eileen Ann Daffy RSM, Berice Livermore RSM, Bev Whitton RSM, Marie Ralph RSM and Anne Ryan RSM.


The participants then enjoyed dinner together.


The second day shifted the focus from mission, spirit and justice to strengthening of our Incorporated Ministries so that they can flourish into the future. This was achieved by looking at:

1    Ministry education and formation – Mission Integration Unit

2    Future ministry governance models  – Future Governance Working Party

3    Stories of collaboration and new possibilities for ISMAPNG ministries – Leaders of Various ministries.


At the end of the Forum there was clear excitement about what governance possibilities the future could hold for our Incorporated Ministries so that they can continue to flourish as organic expressions of our one mission of Mercy.


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