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Rockhampton sisters welcome mercy candidate

Rockhampton Sisters of Mercy gathered recently for a ritual to welcome Anne McGuire as she begins her period of discernment towards membership with the congregation. Sisters from the Mercy Congregations of Parramatta, North Sydney and Goulburn also participated in the gathering. Sister Andrina Ryan (Rockhampton) reports.

Pictured: Anne McGuire with
Congregation Leader, Sister Berneice Loch.

With a spirit of joy and gratitude in their hearts, the Rockhampton Sisters of Mercy gathered on Saturday, September 27 for a ritual of welcome to Anne McGuire, as she begins her period of discernment towards membership.

Sisters from the Mercy Congregations of Parramatta, North Sydney, and Goulburn joined at the gathering, and this gave a special feeling of being bonded in Mercy.

The theme of the ritual was “A Call to Love”. In her reflection, Anne referred to the opening lines of the Mercy Constitutions, “we must first allow ourselves to be loved by God who is Mercy”; and to Jeremiah’s reminder to us, that, “God has written the law of love on our hearts”. These sentiments were captured lovingly in the words of the refrain to the David Haas hymn – “Abide, O Spirit of Life”:

Let peace fill our hearts… Let love fill our minds…
Make us loving disciples of Christ…
So may we be one, so may we be Yours.
Abide, O Spirit of Life!

The Leadership Team has missioned Anne to continue in her present ministry. Anne is currently on the staff of the Catholic Education Office in Sydney. She is the Religious Education Adviser for 33 primary schools in the southern region of the archdiocese. Her responsibilities include assisting teachers in the implementation of the RE curriculum; supporting Religious Education Co-ordinators; and faith formation and theological development of teachers.

In the words of the prayer of welcome to Anne, we pray…

“We welcome you, Anne, and pray for you as you journey with us in faith. May God call us to be truly women of mercy as we support each other in faith, hope and love”.

From: Sister Andrina Ryan RSM (Rockhampton)