Reflection on the Chapter Statement of the Sixth Institute Chapter

In this paper Sr Anne Tormey presents six reflections on the Chapter Statement of the Sixth Institute Chapter, " Longing for God’s Mercy".

First Reflection:
The theme “Longing for God’s Mercy” strikes a chord with my deepest desire, with my most profound hope. It evokes for me echoes from the scriptures, images of Rembrandt’s “ The Return of the Prodigal Son”, of  Millais’ engraving of “the Lost Piece of Silver”, memories of the moment in which I first heard Bach’s “ Jesu Joy of Man’s Desiring”, or first read T.S. Eliot’s “ Little Gidding”. It evokes for me those privileged and profound moments of sharing in the dying and death of sisters – of friends in different congregations- for whom I think longing for God’s mercy became assurance of God’s mercy, “the expanding of love, beyond desire”.  

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