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Reflecting on the Ongoing Presence of God

Following a retreat in 2014 with Mary Dennett rsm on the topic, The Universe as the Revelation of God, several Mercy Associates invited Mary to come to Ballarat in 2015. We were delighted when Mary agreed to facilitate a series of reflections in Lent on The Universe as the manifestation of God’s Ongoing Presence.

Session one focussed on Infinity. Mary explored three dimensions of the universe which enable us to gain some understanding of infinity: time, distance and matter. While infinity is beyond our comprehension, we learnt that the finite can reveal the infinite to us. Amazing photos of the night skies and galaxies brought to life the finite universe’s infinite capacity for diversity.

Trinity was the focus of session two. Mary explained that while God as ‘divine nature and human nature’ is also beyond out comprehension, the universe can help us in understanding Trinity. All the matter and all the energy of the universe came into existence from the original flaring forth and Mary took us carefully through the development of matter from the sub atomic particles to atoms, ‘clumps of matter’, ‘star dust’ and stars. A Super Nova occurs when a star reaches the end of its life; it explodes and large groups of atoms form into molecules. From these the simplest form of life, bacteria was formed. In order to survive, Mary explained how bacteria behave as a community and this behavior is repeated in all forms of life from single cell animals to multicellular animals. As organisms grew more complex, they developed more sophisticated ways of interacting. Humans need to work in communities to survive.
God is Trinity – God is One -God is Many –
God is Community

The Divine life is activity of unmotivated self-sharing. It is God who is agape (love without any self-benefit) and the persons of the Trinity give grace to one another—graciousness for all.

This expresses a capacity for unity. Each of us reflects God to the world in a unique way. We are called to affirm the lives of those with whom we come into contact.

These sessions with Mary were inspiring and are greatly appreciated by all who participated.

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