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Reconfigured for Mission

In May 2013 the Institute Leadership Team set up the Institute Mission Team (IMT). This idea began during the process of forming the new Institute of Sisters of Mercy of Australia and Papua New Guinea, was affirmed at the 2011 Chapter and was refined with work done by a Mission Centres Implementation Committee in 2012.

The present members of the Institute Mission Team are: Gaye Lennon, Margaret Moore and Margaret Endicott (Convenor). The role of the IMT is to hold the critical role of:
• Reflecting, deepening and calling to action
• Reflecting on Mission and Communion and the prophetic call to religious life
• Reflecting with leaders of ISMAPNG
• Identifying animators who will support the work of Mission
• Imagining and encouraging possibilities for mission.

The Institute Mission Team has a critical role in assisting sisters and partners in mission to be responsive to the urgent needs of our time. One of the ways we are doing this in 2014 is by inviting sisters, our colleagues and friends to participate in Mission Gatherings;
Mission Gatherings – The Institute Mission team are planning a series of Mission Gatherings around the Institute so that we might together with our lay partners engage with the key questions confronting us about our mission into the future.

We hope that through these gatherings sisters, our colleagues and friends will:
• deepen her/his understanding of and commitment to Mercy Mission within the new Institute
• make connections with each other and have a stronger felt sense of belonging to our new Institute
• identify clear, fresh initiatives for moving forward in mission as ISMAPNG

Locations and dates are as follows:
• Cairns – 16, 17 August;
• Melbourne – 23, 24 August;
• Canberra on 29, 30 August;
• Fremantle on 4, 5 September;
• Papua New Guinea (Wewak) – 18, 19 September.

For further details see contacts below

We are also preparing some materials for reflection and discussion so that all can be involved in dialogue and reflection before the gatherings take place.

Our challenge is “How are ‘we’ being called to carry mission in a new way for our time?”  The Spirit speaks through each and every member of the Institute and many others who are with us in this mission of mercy. We hope that the Mission Gatherings can be a catalyst for action. 

Please contact us if you require more information;