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‘Live Below the Line’
Jessie Llewelyn and Truc Nguyen are two of our group who are taking part in the ‘Live Below the Line’ challenge, feeding themselves on just $2 a day for five days in May. The money these girls raise through sponsorship will help renovate schools, train teachers and provide education opportunities for thousands of people in East Timor and surrounds. You are invited to participate in this initiative and you can join Jessie’s team by going to

Global Voices Delegate
We are very excited that one of our members, Kaitlyn Krahe (who is undertaking studies at Victoria University in Health Science – Paramedic) has been selected as a delegate for Global Voices. Global Voices is a public policy and international affairs non-profit organisation with a mission to provide opportunities for young Australians to engage with international policy. In her role, Kaitlyn will travel to the OECD Forum in Paris as well as participating in a Research Fellowship and attending pre-departure briefings in Canberra. The task assigned to Kaitlyn is to present Australia’s Indigenous health policy and posit new ideas to address the current disparity in outcomes.

We wish these young people the best of luck in their endeavours this year.

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